The Spokes Group Charleston’s Story

In 1994, two local businessmen realized the need a lot of families experience at Christmas and asked themselves what they could do to help. Their conclusion was to challenge one another to raise enough money to purchase bicycles. 

The first year, 17 bicycles were purchased from the fundraiser and enhanced 17 families’ Christmas. The businessmen’s efforts increased from a month long project to a year-round project to raise enough money to make as many children as possible happier during the Christmas season. In 26 years, The Spokes Group has given away over 40,000 bikes. At an average of $70 per bike, that represents $2,800,000. For the most part this has been in $10, $20 and $70 donations by a LOT of supportive, loyal, and very generous folks.

Seventeen years later, the need within Charlotte and beyond was still apparent and their challenge was extended to the Charleston area as they welcomed a new Spokes Group Chapter! 

The Spokes Group Charleston Is Born

The Spokes Group Charleston looks forward to reaching its 5th year goal of 250 bikes for the 2016 Christmas season. The board of directors, along with a founding team of Spokes Group Charleston volunteers, look forward to your support in bringing the dream of a brand new bicycle to Charleston children for many years to come!